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Experienced Business and Legal Councel for the Life of Your Veterinary Practice

10 Years ago we practiced Veterinary Medicine without a thought as to the law. Does your practice go a day without having to consider it now?

At aVL, we're the veterinary law experts. We can help you make the right decisions for your practice and career from a highly informed perspective. We started this legal practice more than a decade ago to meet the specific and highly unique requirements of veterinary practitioners.

Just the Counsel You Need

We understand that all requirements aren't the same, and we tailor our solutions to your need and budget.

Sometime the solution can be as simple as a brief consultation -- for yourself or your attorney or accountant - with professionals who have very likely seen the problem before. In other situations a longer engagement might be recommended, but we'll discuss it with you at the outset.

aVL provides as extensive or limited input as you or your local counsel require.

For the Life of Your Practice

Whether you're:

  • A newly graduated practitioner who wants us to take a look at your new employment contracts,
  • The owner of a growing clinic with real estate leasing/purchases, staffing, tax or malpractice defense needs, or
  • A general practice lawyer yourself seeking some expert advise
...We're here to help.