How to keep DVMs aboard ship during a corporate buyout

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To secure the best price from a veterinary consolidator, sellers need to hire associates wholl stay on after the transition. Corporate veterinary hospital consolidators know that job one in any practice sale is to lock down commitments from the practice doctors. The veterinarians are the revenue-generating power plants of target clinic acquisitions, and, as such,…

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Veterinary telemedicine is a sticky legal wicket

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Are you covered by state law and your malpractice insurance when it comes to asking for or giving veterinary telemedicine advice? So, should I use this thing for my next checkup or not? When I started my research for this month’s column, I expected that useful, comprehensive information on veterinary telemedicine would be fairly simple…

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6 tips to speed along a veterinary practice sale

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Here’s my advice from years of helping veterinary practice buyers and sellers on financing, finding the right practice and speeding along a practice sale before it goes bad. Speeding up the pace of your acquisition could make the difference on whether you actually close the deal. (cynoclub / My office gets inquiries from veterinarians…

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Production-based pay: Devils in the details

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Here’s what to think through before you sign your employment contract as a veterinary associate consider the things that could go wrong or negatively affect your production. Our office received a good deal of response to a piece I wrote about production-and-salary-based compensation for veterinary associates sometimes known as “ProSal.†(Editor’s note: Mark Opperman, CVPM, argues that ProSal…

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