15 Years ago we practiced Veterinary Medicine without a thought as to the law. Does your practice go a day without having to consider it now?

At aVL, we’re the veterinary law and business experts. We can help you make the right decisions for your practice and career from a highly informed perspective. We began our legal and consulting practice over twenty years ago to meet the specific and highly unique requirements of veterinary practitioners.

Just the Counsel You Need

We understand that all requirements aren’t the same, and we therefore tailor our solutions to our clients’ needs and budget.

There are 4 primary reasons veterinarians have been confidently coming to us since 1994:

1. We’re very easy to work with and reasonably priced.

2. We understand the challenges faced by both associates and practice owners.

3. We work with clients directly, or in concert with their personal attorneys, brokers, agents or CPAs.

4. We respond to requests promptly and there is no charge for your initial call or e-mail review of the matter in question.

Meet Christopher Allen, D.V.M., J.D.
30 years a practicing attorney
25 years a practicing veterinarian and veterinary consultant
Columnist and Editorial Board member, DVM360 Magazine
Lecturer – CVC, AVMA, Western States Veterinary Conferences
Speaker at many state Veterinary Association Conventions
Former Pet Insurance veterinary advisory board member

…We’re here to help.

Associates in Veterinary Law, P.C. (aVL) brings together two unique, professional disciplines -–veterinary medicine and legal counsel -– to provide the best possible outcome for our clients and their personal attorneys.