Malpractice and State Board Allegations

Helping you avoid – and if necessary defending against - lawsuits.

Our Approach to Malpractice Claims

It can be upsetting when a client accuses a veterinarian of negligence or misconduct and it’s demoralizing when a client threatens or actually files a lawsuit alleging malpractice.  It’s hard to know what to do first; particularly if the proper insurance is not in place.

Our office helps clients work through the process of avoiding – and if necessary defending against –  lawsuits brought by clients, shelters, municipalities and others.  We can help you decide what steps to take, how to manage conversations with an accuser and what evidence needs to be assembled and/or preserved.  And sometimes our advice can be helpful even before a claim is made…when a medical or surgical case ‘just isn’t going the way it should.’

Our experience can be there for you, for your insurance-appointed attorneys, as well as for your employer.  We look out for the interests of veterinarians; ‘plaintiff’ cases against veterinarians are not accepted.

State Board, DEA and State Narcotics Investigations

Virtually every day a new statute or regulation is enacted placing new restrictions and/or obligations on our veterinary licenses.  Sometimes doctors and even licensed technicians run afoul of these rules, often without even realizing that they have done so.

When a federal, state or local agency undertakes an investigation or pursues a client complaint claiming that a rule has been broken or a standard of care has not been met, the stakes are high.  A license suspension or revocation can be costly and even make it difficult to earn a living.

The best time to seek information about a potential claim against a veterinarian is at the earliest possible point.  So call us.  If we can assist you, we will; if not, we will aim you in the best direction to get help at no charge.

Associates in Veterinary Law, P.C. (aVL) brings together two unique, professional disciplines -–veterinary medicine and legal counsel -– to provide the best possible outcome for our clients and their personal attorneys.