About the Practice

Associates in Veterinary Law, P.C. (aVL) brings together two unique, professional disciplines–veterinary medicine and legal counsel–to provide the best possible outcome for our clients and their personal attorneys.

Founded by noted author, speaker and 25 year practicing veterinarian Christopher Allen, DVM, JD, aVL makes the law work for clients’ challenges ranging from partnerships to malpractice, and employment agreements to estate planning.

…our profession is nothing like a typical business.

Whether you’re a veterinary practitioner, student, clinic owner or attorney yourself, you can benefit from aVL’s affordable and accessible counsel.

Why consider veterinary-specific legal or consulting advice?

Many attorneys are experienced in drafting documents and forming business organizations for manufacturing or food service companies. But our profession is nothing like a typical business.

Some lawyers have done a lot of work with physician contracts or HMO employment disputes. Veterinarians and their practices are completely different.

Nobody understands our unique profession, its complexities and hurdles better than we do. And when a legal issue arises, a veterinarian should consider an attorney who knows about demanding clients, unpredictable employees, animal-use real estate restrictions and “surprises” which come up in the veterinary partnership relationship.