Who We Serve

We're here for the life of your career.

The services we offer at Associates in Veterinary Law are designed to support veterinarians like you throughout your professional career.

Whether you’re:

  •     A new graduate who would like us to look over your employment contract,
  •     The owner of a growing clinic who is considering making an associate a “buy-in” offer,
  •     A practice medical director who needs a better, clearer associate employment agreement document,
  •     A practitioner who is considering buying or starting a clinic or hospital, or
  •     A general practice attorney seeking guidance in the unique aspects of veterinary law for one of his or her clients.

…We’re here to help.

No legal or consulting issue is too small – or large – for us to provide timely and expert advice. Whether you need help determining the best compensation and benefits mix to offer a potential associate or you have just completed vet school or a residency and are confused about the non-competition terms in one of your job offer letters, our experience can save you angst, time and money.

We understand BOTH the practice of veterinary medicine and the practice of law.

So we’re able to:
1) quickly understand your issue,
2) draw upon decades of experience to understand the full legal and practical context of the problem, and
3) provide you with affordable and career-sensitive legal options for resolution.

And importantly, we are your colleagues. Friendly, welcoming and supportive while addressing your legal or entrepreneurial challenges.

Hear from Our Clients…


From a vet accused of malpractice:
“Please see the final order attached: good news! Your input in the case was a turning point. I highly appreciate your efforts.”

Associates in Veterinary Law, P.C. (aVL) brings together two unique, professional disciplines -–veterinary medicine and legal counsel -– to provide the best possible outcome for our clients and their personal attorneys.