Veterinary Entrepreneurship and Web Enterprises

We can guide you through regulatory, leasing and compliance issues.

Non-traditional Practice Opportunities

Our profession lends itself to thinking “outside the box.”  Veterinarians, with or without non-DVM partners frequently come up with something new…a different way to practice or a veterinary-related business which is synergistic with – or an alternative to – traditional practice.

Our clients have expanded into myriad side- and alternative- entrepreneurial ventures and we are proud to have helped them throughout the process.  Whether it’s starting up a dog-walking service, building up a hydrotherapy practice or creating an SPF lab animal supply company, aVL welcomes entrepreneurs and can guide them through regulatory, leasing and compliance issues.

Internet Start-ups and Web-based Services

The internet has ushered in a new era of opportunity for veterinarians and their co-entrepreneurs.  We are pleased to have assisted numerous individuals and businesses with the legal nuts and bolts of launching and conducting animal- and veterinary-related cyber-businesses.  Practice act compliance is one of the cornerstones of our consulting and legal firm.  We are available to discuss your potential or growing web-based veterinary venture.

Associates in Veterinary Law, P.C. (aVL) brings together two unique, professional disciplines -–veterinary medicine and legal counsel -– to provide the best possible outcome for our clients and their personal attorneys.